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Mon March 16 2020, 12:00 // Posted by corvum

Law Firms need VoIP.

There have been two things widely talked about in the news recently COVID-19 and remote work. With this illness spreading quickly, a large number of employers have taken to letting their employees work from home, if they are able to. Prior to this pandemic, remote work has been on the rise with a large number of people wanting to have a portion of their week dedicated to working from home. With the sudden increase in remote work, how do we make sure we are not losing efficiency output from our employees? How do we know we are able to work effectively from home? And what tools do we need to make sure we can achieve success?

You may be thinking why is this so important to the legal industry? Well, lawyers are special; they have professional needs and unique obligations to their clients that not all industries have. When working remote, away from the office, it is essential that the tools chosen work exceptionally well. One of the most important tools for legal professionals is their phone system. An analog or traditional phone system is no longer meeting the needs of legal professionals. This sudden increase in remote work is highlighting the weakness of the outdated phone systems some legal professionals are using.

A VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phone system has a lot of benefits for legal professionals that work remotely. Since the phone system is run through the internet there are a lot more features available to the user than a traditional phone system. These additional features improve efficiently, provide convenience and help the user with a fully customizable solution for communication.

Below I will be discussing some of the main reasons why a VoIP system is a must have essential for any legal professional that works remotely.

1) Convenient

With a VoIP phone system you can have what are called “softphones”. These are phone devices that can be paired with your regular office desk phone. For example, you can have your regular office phone paired with your mobile device so that there are dual answer capabilities. This lets you take calls from your work number when you are away from the office on your mobile device. Additionally, you can use what is called a web dialer from a desktop application. This web dialer will let you make and receive phone calls through your computer.

2) Reporting and Monitoring

Having employees work remotely makes it more difficult to track their efficiency. However, with a VoIP phone service such as what Corvum offers, you are able to track a users time through the web portal. For legal professionals this service is important because it will provide tracked billable time as well as a customizable dashboard for users. This dashboard can provide call tracking information which can be used to monitor the efficiency of remote workers.

3) Cost Effective

The price of phone plans seems to always be a relevant topic in today’s news. One of the biggest benefits of implementing VoIP technology is that it is affordable. The operating prices for implementing VoIP phone service are noticeably more affordable than traditional landline options from carriers. Ultimately a VoIP phone service will cost less and provide you with more. This allows you to reinvest the extra money to other areas of your firm.

4) Integrations

Since a VoIP phone system is internet based it allows for more capabilities than the traditional phone system. VoIP phone systems can integrate with other popular applications used in the office to create a seamless and efficient work flow. For example, the VoIP phone system Corvum provides integrates with the popular practice management software Clio. This allows for a more efficient work day having your tools communicate with each other.

5) More than just a phone system

With a VoIP phone system you are often getting more than just phone service. For example, the VoIP phone system offered by Corvum includes another form of communication in the form of SMS text messaging. A user of Corvum is able to send and receive SMS text messages through the desktop web application. Texting has been a growing form of communication and often one that is demanded and expected from people. Having this feature partnered with the VoIP phone system allows for a full communication solution for employees that are working remotely.

Implementing a VoIP phone system to your law firm will enable you to have an affordable, comprehensive and convenient solution to every communication need. VoIP allows you to have multiple devices connected to the same number that allows you to stay in touch and stay mobile. A VoIP phone system is a must have for any remote worker that wants the convenience of mobility without sacrificing efficiency.

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