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Fri January 15 2021, 10:30 // Posted by corvum

How Lawfecta’s retainer system can help you meet your business goals.

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Corvum is continuing its partner spotlights: companies and groups we strongly believe will benefit our legal heroes with their firm’s practice. We are honoured to be affiliated partners with Lawfecta. Affordable and designed to legal professional needs, Lawfecta’s flexible retainer system provides a variety of support roles for any sized law firm.

Briefly describe Lawfecta’s services.

Lawfecta is a California-based company providing Virtual Paralegal, Virtual Legal Secretary, and Virtual Assistant services to attorneys, law firms, and small businesses. Our qualified team members are based in the United States and have over 10 years of high-level experience.

Our goal is to help small businesses grow and expand with significantly lower overhead. Through outsourcing daily tasks, business owners gain valuable time and save costs associated with payroll taxes, staff insurance and benefits, equipment, and the required space to accommodate in-house employees.

We are proud of our reputation for delivering first class on-demand staffing solutions for business owners and that our expertise in the legal industry ensures the best service. We combine a passion for client satisfaction and innovation with a collaborative workforce that embodies the future of work. Lawfecta is focused on enhancing businesses with groundbreaking and value-driven solutions. In today’s 24-hour global marketplace, the ability to tackle challenges quickly in locations both far and near is crucial.

What is Lawfecta’s origin story?

Bust portrait of Lawfecta founder Stacey M. Lakes.
Image courtesy of Lawfecta

The founder of Lawfecta, Stacey M. Lake, created the company out of an unmet need in the legal industry. Through 15 years of paralegal experience, she became aware of a glaring issue that impacted her and the law firms she worked for: understaffed and overworked professionals. 

One of the biggest reasons why business owners continue to struggle growing their businesses is due to wear too many hats. You can’t be both the owner and manager of your business as well as your most dedicated employee. Likewise with support staff and paraprofessionals – wearing too many hats causes us to be a jack of all trades, but master of none.

Many business owners fail to take the leap in outsourcing work for many reasons: cost, fear, unsure of the benefits, or what they can outsource in the first place. Outsourcing legal work can reduce the stress of managing small tasks for small businesses. This includes finding the extra time to supervise and manage a full-time employee.

Lawfecta aims to alleviate burn out and bridge the gap of skilled outsourced staffing. To successfully provide our clients with the best solution, we needed to understand their business and provide a tailored approach to their specific requirements. We considered attorneys when designing our system from the ground up.

With our commitment to quality and reliability, word of mouth spread and our client pool quickly began to grow. We continue to add professionals to the team who share the same values — respect, innovation and collaboration. We are accomplishing this purposeful goal: to build the easiest to use online solution for outsourced and knowledgeable on-demand staffing. 

Tell us more about Lawfecta’s retainer system.

Our retainer system is similar to a law firm retainer model: clients place a retainer deposit equivalent to how many hours of work they need their Team Member to perform. The selected Team Member converse directly with their clients and performs work within the scope of the client’s project. The billable entries are applied towards the retainer as work is performed. 

To meet client needs we have developed and offer multiple retainer options:

We anticipate launching our OTF (One Time Fee) Retainer service in 2021, allowing us to offer flat fee rates to our clients. That means the rate we give is the rate they will pay in total for the entire project until completion. 

Clients can review entries in their personal online Retainer Portal, track their retainer balance or replenish easily and quickly. Our data is protected by firewalls, DDOS prevention, and regular patching of operating system and application layer infrastructure.

Are there minimum requirements for hiring retainers?

Our ultimate goal is ensuring our pricing structure is reasonable and affordable for business owners. Our retainer structure requires a minimum deposit of 5 hours for client ease and flexibility.

How would law firms benefit from Lawfecta’s services?

As a business owner, it’s nearly impossible to meet every demand of their business. They likely wear many hats but at some point, they’ll need to pass these duties off and delegate. This is where outsourcing can help catapult their business to the next level with minimal management and supervision. Through outsourcing daily tasks, you gain valuable time and save costs associated with payroll taxes, staff insurance and benefits, equipment and the required space to accommodate in-house employees.

Our agency’s success is determined by developing the very best and brightest teams to provide clients with the highest quality of work and service. We are driven by our core values: respect, innovation and collaboration. We have the pleasure of working with thoughtful, independent, and inspiring clients every day. Helping them achieve their goals, in some small way, is why we’re all here. Lawfecta is thoughtfully engineered to build the best team in the legal industry. Some benefits of outsourcing include:


Delegation makes you highly productive and effective, which will allow you to get more done in less time.


When you are getting things done and making progress in your business, you can achieve a work-life balance. 


Allows you to work on your business which translates to more revenue generating activities. 


You’ll have more time for the productive work to grow your business, and to enjoy a work-life balance. 


Establishing a working relationship creates a foundation for continued success of your business, leading to productivity and profit. 


Without distraction or overwhelm you can work on growing your business. 


With more productivity, you’ll have more energy by letting go of work you can delegate. 

What separates Lawfecta from other companies in the field?

The key to our success and that of our clients has derived from our ability to listen, understand and deliver an affordable service which satisfies our clients’ business needs, encourages business growth and maximizes potential profits.

At Lawfecta we are proud of our reputation for delivering first class on-demand staffing solutions for legal professionals. Our expertise in the legal industry ensures the best service and price is sort. We combine a passion for client satisfaction and innovation with a collaborative workforce that embodies the future of work.

Lawfecta helps you move your agenda forward and deal effectively and efficiently with obstacles that come between you and your goals. We achieve this through practical and innovative legal solutions that help our clients succeed. We deliver consistent services across our platform of practices and sectors in all matters we undertake. Relationships and results are at the core of the Lawfecta experience. Achieving success for each client is our goal and our relentless commitment to that end sets us apart.

How many states does Lawfecta service?

We proudly serve the entire U.S., and have even assisted clients located internationally in Mexico and the Caribbean. 

Can you share a recent success story from one of your customers?

Traditional law firms were forced into virtual law firm setups due to COVID19 and stay at home orders. Not only is it overwhelming running a business during a pandemic, having to fully shift your work model causes additional stress and confusion. How do I transition to work virtually? What do I need to set up? When do I make the transition? 

We have worked with many attorneys to assist them in their transition. Rick L., a long-time attorney had to transition to remote work. He needed a quick solution to switch from the traditional in-house model.

Rick was set up with a Team, fully up to speed with working remotely and the tools to achieve success. Rick gained freedom to migrate between Illinois and Arizona without the worry of maintaining his physical office, still offering his clients amazing service.  

What has brought us together is our fierce penchant for delivering exceptional results and our continuous strive to be better so our clients can achieve more.

Who is one of Lawfecta’s heroes and why?

Unfortunately, we can’t pick just one! As a woman-led company, we greatly admire, are inspired by and respect all of the ABA Women of Legal Tech.

Do you have any special offers or discounts you want to share?

YES! We have a promotion happening for Martin Luther King Day from January 18, 2021 – January 22, 2021. New clients can receive up to 11 hours of FREE billable work when they sign up for service. Terms and conditions apply. A minimum deposit required to receive the promotion.

Even after the promotion ends, we are motivated to meet new clients and see how much time they can save! New clients can receive FREE hours of work when they sign up.