Delivering Microsoft Teams voice integration for legal firms across North America

Legal professionals using Corvum can now place calls directly in Microsoft Teams.

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CORVUM recognized for rapid company growth by being listed on the 2020 Emerging Rocket lists for B.C

Rocket Builders has named Top Technology Companies to the “Emerging Rocket” list for the 18th consecutive year, highlighting companies with the highest growth potential. Rocket Builders today released its eighteenth (18th) annual “Emerging Rocket” lists. These lists profile British Columbia technology companies that are best positioned to capitalize on the technology sector trends that will […]

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Ways to Take Your Firm Virtual

Law firms and legal professionals are dealing with a lot right now. There are new laws being issued, having to balance family and work life while also having to work remotely, often for the first time. It can all just be overwhelming especially if you are not familiar with how to get the most out […]

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CORVUM Hero Spotlight + Staff Feature: Edmund & Da Vinci

Edmund Yao is our current Web Developer intern. Exploring the possibilities and innovation of technology makes him one happy guy. In his words: “I like to create aesthetic user interfaces that feel responsive and intuitive. I really enjoy the struggle of getting every pixel to line up.” Above all, Edmund cares about creating lasting relationships […]

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Corvum’s Response to COVID-19

It is reassuring and heartwarming to witness the amount of responsibility and care our clients, staff, families and friends are taking in response to COVID-19. We want to thank you all for making the safety of our communities and at risk populations a top priority. It is our sincere hope that our collective efforts will […]

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Law Firms need VoIP.

There have been two things widely talked about in the news recently COVID-19 and remote work. With this illness spreading quickly, a large number of employers have taken to letting their employees work from home, if they are able to. Prior to this pandemic, remote work has been on the rise with a large number […]

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CORVUM Hero Spotlight + Staff Feature: Henry & Kaepernick

Henry Nguyen is our sweetheart of a Full Stack Developer. He loves to learn and eat! Brain-food and food-food, we dig it! Henry says he likes working at Corvum because of the “caring, fun, and knowledgeable” people. Well it takes one to know one! For this edition of Corvum’s Hero Spotlight Henry has chosen Colin […]

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CORVUM Hero Spotlight + Staff Feature: Jahan & Tesla

Jahanzeb Khan is a bonafide Desk Yoga Master and our Product Development Lead. Ever the comedian at our weekly check-ins, he is in hot pursuit of a working air conditioning system! If you know of a truly great one, let us know! Exploration and discovery fuel Jahan’s work-motor – as such, he has chosen Nikola […]

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CORVUM Hero Spotlight + Staff Feature: Mohamed & Newton

Mohamed Laradji is “The Phone Guy” or to get technical on you – he is an Algorithms & Backend Developer. To find out more about this rad human click here! Mohamed’s pick for Corvum’s hero spotlight is Isaac Newton, one of the original influencers – of scientific discovery that is! A mathematician and physicist, Newton […]

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CORVUM @ BC Legal Innovation Forum 2019

CORVUM’s very own Jason Baumer spoke on the panel “Defining, Developing + Executing An Impactful Legal Technology Strategy” this past Tuesday at the BC Legal Innovation Forum 2019 in Vancouver, BC. Jason Baumer joined Jeremy Hessing-Lewis (Small Law), Zena Applebaum (Thomson Reuters), Amir Reshef (dealcloser), on the panel chaired by Thomas G. Martin (LawDroid) and […]

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