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Fri March 27 2020, 12:00 // Posted by corvum

Ways to Take Your Firm Virtual

Law firms and legal professionals are dealing with a lot right now. There are new laws being issued, having to balance family and work life while also having to work remotely, often for the first time. It can all just be overwhelming especially if you are not familiar with how to get the most out of remote work. Remote working can be nice but not having the office around means you need to take advantage of all the digital resources that are available. This blog post will go over some of the best options to help you take your firm virtual should you feel the need to. The important thing to remember about taking your firm virtual is that it is supposed to make your life easier while also providing the support you need to help your clients. Now more than ever, existing clients are asking to stay informed with all that is going on. Not to mention all the new clients reaching out to you and your firm about new cases. Combine those with the new stress of having to work remotely and you can see why a lot of legal professionals are asking questions about legal tech often for the first time.

So, let’s dive into some of the things that you can do to help you take your firm virtual if you feel the need to.

woman in white business jacket and purple shirt holding phone in her right hand against ear looking to the sky smiling expressing joy and being relaxed with having her firm virtual.

1.) Practice Management Software

The purpose of practice management software is to help manage your daily operations and make them more efficient. This software will help make managing everything easier from client and case records, documents, appointments, schedules, deadlines and accounting. Another benefit of using a practice management software that is cloud based is that you can access this information that is stored securely from different locations. You no longer need to be in the office to access certain information, with a secured cloud based practice management software you and your firm can work efficiently out of office. Furthermore, a lot of popular legal tech services integrate with each other. For example, the VoIP phone service offered by Corvum integrates with popular practice management software Clio. The benefit of this is all your information is stored securely in the cloud while having client information all tracked in one place. Clio manage is a great platform to use to manage your clients and all the information associated with them.

2.) Document Signing Technology

We don’t need to tell you that there are a lot of signatures needed for legal documentation. In the past this meant printing lots of paperwork and having to set aside time to meet the person face to face to have them sign. However, technology is our friend and there have been great advancements to make this process easier. There are software applications that allow you to have your documents signed remotely by the client while being secured. Implementing this technology will allow you to reduce the cost of printing papers, provide a convenient solution for your clients and allow you to work remotely. A popular transaction management system used is DealCloser. They allow you to do all the things previously mentioned and much more. Having a transaction management software is a key step to moving your firm virtual and better fit for remote working. If you’re looking to implement this we encourage you to check DealCloser out.

3.) Payment Management Software

If you’re working remotely and you’re taking the plunge to move more of your firm to the cloud it is probably a good idea to include a payment management software. Using a payment software will allow you to take payments securely and remotely from clients. This software is beneficial to both you and the client as it allows for a convenient way of paying for the client while allowing you to get paid faster. When looking for a payment management software you want to look for one that integrates with the rest of the applications you are using, especially your practice management software. A popular payment management company is LawPay. They offer a simple, secure and reliable method to make sure you receive your payment as soon as possible.

4.) VoIP Phone Service

Communication between you and your clients is always essential whether you are at the office or working remotely. However, when you are working remotely and away from your desk phone, this is when it becomes extremely important to make sure you remain available to your existing clients and to new ones. A traditional phone system does not offer the features to do this, however a VoIP phone system does. With a VoIP phone system from Corvum implemented you are able to have customized call routing options that allow your separate business number to ring your personal cell phone. This essentially lets you take calls that would have gone to your desk phone on your cell phone while keeping your personal number private. Additionally, you are able to take advantage of other features such as visual voicemail, SMS text messaging and a web based dialer all accessible through the desktop web application. Essentially, with Corvum’s VoIP phone system you are able to have an all in one communication solution for the modern world. If you would like a free network assessment feel free to email us at or book a meeting with one of our experts.

5.) Legal Tech Consultant

You are an expert at practicing law, clients depend on you for your legal expertise on a daily basis. You should be focusing on practicing the law, because that is what you went to school for and that is what you love doing. Legal technology can be overwhelming at times, simply because there is so much of it! How do you know what software is right for you? Which company is the better fit for you over another? And how do you use this technology to make your life easier? A legal tech consultant is your best friend in moments like this, they are experts at helping you become more efficient. The purpose of legal technology is to help make your life easier not harder. A popular legal tech consultant is attorney Melanie Leonard of Streamlined Legal. If you are looking for expert advice on how to improve efficiency and deliver peace of mind Melanie is highly recommended.

Below is a video that Streamlined Legal did that talks about how to get your law firm virtual in 5 days or less!

“There’s a number of voice over IP companies out there such as RingCentral or Vonage but there’s one in particular I wanted to point out to you, that will be on your resources sheet as well. And that is this one here this one is Corvum.

The reason I point it out is because they are specific to law firms and to attorneys. So, they are dealing with attorneys day in and day out, they understand the concerns that you guys have.

They have some really nice features, so if you’re in the market do check them out because they do have a nice product there. If you’re working with a practice management software they integrate with a lot of those as well so go ahead and check that out”