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Wed October 7 2020, 12:23 // Posted by corvum

Corvum is back at Clio Con 2020

Clio Con 2020 is just around the corner and Corvum is excited to be at the conference for a second year in a row! Our team last year had a blast meeting so many professionals. We look forward to meeting new faces and hopefully saying hi to previous faces, virtually!

landscape image displaying the black Corvum logo on the left with the black Clio Cloud Conference logo on the right with the date "October 13-16, 2020" underneath it in white text all over top a watercolour paper textured background with a lilac semi-transparent overlay.

What’s new since Clio Con 2019?

Corvum’s communication services are still dedicated law professionals. Law practices deserve a phone service that enhances and optimizes their work.

Last year, we had many conversations with attendees regarding the need for SMS texting. In response, Corvum has built an SMS texting feature into our product as well as released an iOS app for iPhone users to use Corvum on-the-go.

We had the luxury of receiving feedback on these new releases from clients since. We are always eager to hear your thoughts to better optimize our services for your practice!

Who you’ll be meeting this year.

Corvum will be bringing a team of five this year to meet you all. Meet with co-founders Graham Nelson-Zutter and Jason Baumer, our onboarding specialists Luke Scott and Nicolas Vecino, and our marketing expert Robert Gido.

We look forward to meeting you and hearing more about your experiences in the law industry and how we can support your firm.

Learn more about our product and Clio integration.

Whether you’re looking into texting, voice, or both services, Corvum has your back! All of Corvum’s three different services are integrated into Clio Manage. Have any questions? Send them on our contact page or virtually at Clio Con 2020!