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Thu October 29 2020, 12:01 // Posted by corvum

Clio Con 2020 Recap

It’s been two weeks since this year’s Clio Cloud Conference. Attending a virtual conference was a first, but a unique experience. Corvum is gratuitous to attendees who took the time to say hello and got to know us! While being able to connect with you, booth reps were able to drop in on the many panels to learn more about the legal space and how the industry is adapting to remote work. As a cloud-based phone provider, we are seeing more than ever the need for the legal industry to make the switch for accessible customer service.

We at Corvum are eager to constantly learn from legal professionals to understand the needs of the industry to improve our services. During our time at the virtual exhibition hall, like at previous conventions, we organized a book raffle for those interested in wanting to learn more about our product. We appreciate everyone who entered our raffle and would like to congratulate our winners.

As a phone provider dedicated exclusively to lawyers, we believe that cloud-based phone service is integral for the success of Clio users. Our Clio integration allows calls made through Corvum to seamlessly post to your call log, along with the option to assign calls to matters, contacts, and be able to take real-time notes in our web portal. Further, Corvum allows all SMS messaging done through our web app to post directly to Clio Manage. You can learn more by visiting our Clio integration page.