Let us do the work for you: free setup and number porting!

No need to learn a new system – our team will review your system design with you, and complete the setup for you.  We also manage your phone system on an ongoing basis: that’s our job, not yours.

We’re waiving all setup and number porting fees for a limited time, so come on over today!

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Seamless and effective integration

Automated, Clio-matched posting of calls and messages

All incoming and outgoing calls on your Corvum-supported phone are immediately posted to the Clio Communications feed. Clio sync is in real-time.  Text message conversations using Corvum Texting are posted to Clio as well.  Conversations and calls are matched to your contacts, auto-associated to matters, and will create billable or non-billable time entries as you require. This is what technology should be doing, right?

Cropped screenshot of Corvum's Click2Call feature in Clio's Contacts view

Use Microsoft Teams as your phone (optional)

If your team already uses MS Teams, we can turn it into your phone app.  Make use of the top phone app on the market!

Easily take live notes while on client calls

While using the Corvum web portal, you can take down notes during – or after – the call.  Your notes are posted to Clio as well.

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Key Features

Keep Your Personal Number Private

  • When your clients call your Corvum business number, it can be forwarded to your cell phone or direct line.
  • Callers will see your Corvum business number as the caller ID – not your personal number.

Take Notes in Real-Time

  • Take notes while you’re on the phone in Corvum’s Web Portal and conveniently associate them with Matters.

 Associate Calls with Matters

  • Associate any and all billable client calls with the relevant Clio Matter.
  • Assign and edit during the call while using Corvum’s Web Portal.

Post Calls and Texts to Clio Logs

  • We post all client calls and texts to your Clio phone logs.
  • Everything is synced, organized, and retrievable.

Call Tracking

  • We keep track of your calls so you don’t have to.
  • No timer to start. If you’re on the phone, we’re tracking it.

Link Contacts

  • Corvum recognizes your calls and automatically links them to your Contact List and Phone Logs in Clio.
  • We help you stay organized with zero effort on your part.

Identify Billable Time

  • Identify billable call time accurately so you can bill for everything that should be billed for—easily.

Power your firm with Corvum and Clio

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