Track time in Corvum to bill and get paid quickly through LawPay.

Legal professionals need their work to be valued appropriately, billed accurately, and then for payments to be collected easily. Connect both Corvum and LawPay to your practice management software to have all client communications automatically logged for easy billing, and then collect payments using one of the industry’s most trusted payment platforms.

Accurate time tracking for accurate billing

All calls made through Corvum will automatically be pushed to communication logs in your existing practice management platform.

Link all communications with relevant case matter

Connect both calls and text messages to case matters already in your practice management platform for optimized billing.

Cropped screenshot of Corvum's Click2Call feature in Clio's Contacts view

Call in Corvum, bill in your platform.

Billing happens in your case management software. All of your calls made through Corvum will appear right in your platform to bill accordingly.

Power your firm with Corvum

We deal with legal professionals everyday, so we understand what you need.