Jason Baumer

COO & Co-Founder

Jason Baumer is the COO & Co-Founder of Corvum in charge of our “Front of House.” Jason is interested in building and running things that people actually use. Specifically those that have an impact gives him those amazing feels. He wants the tools that Corvum builds to make peoples' working lives easier. Additionally, he wants all Corvum clients to spend their time doing whatever it is that they find valuable – because he really cares.

A self-described extroverted-introvert, Jason loves to soak up real moments such as: listening to loud and fun music, riding bikes in mountains or on concrete, and getting dirty under a car or in the garden. Jason would truly like for everyone to live fulfilling, meaningful lives whereby we’ve all had reciprocal and positive impacts on one another. Ultimately he’d like humanity to be able to solve its big problems.