Luke Scott

Onboarding Specialist & Business Development Representative

Luke (aka Onboarding Sales Development Business Representative Specialist Professional Extraordinaire) is our Onboarding Specialist & Business Development Representative… and breathe! “The process of creation is very important to me, whether its cooking or writing, gardening or working on a group project: making something from nothing has always been a huge motivator and source of fulfillment” says he.

To Luke, Corvum is something truly special because it is a company that truly cares about its clients and sees their needs as the first priority. The environment, the state of international trade, politics, gender, racial and fiscal equality are extremely important to him. Fun fact: Luke spent 60% of his childhood in hockey arenas all across Canada and is admittedly, “shamelessly in love with the Maple Leafs, Blue Jays, and Raptors” - go sports teams!


Marketing and Sales