Taylor Wilkinson

Front End Developer & UX Designer

Taylor (aka Critical Role Fangirl)  is one of our Front End Developer & UX Designer. You go grrrl! She digs coding and working on interface designs, and is suuupppper passionate about user-centered design driven by end-user feedback. She strives to make everything she builds ultra-intuitive and a pleasure to use. Taylor was very excited to land this role straight out of school - impressive! Especially because of how closely Corvum’s core values align with her own.

Taylor cares deeply about the environment and continuously endeavours to find ethical and approachable ways to reduce her own carbon footprint. And she and Corvum both believe that caring about humans results in happier clients and happier staff! Radness. Above all else Tayor is an avid lover of Dungeons and Dragons! “Do you have time to hear the backstory of my tiefling bard, Taiba Goodbarrel? She grew up in the underground city of Chasm, in the nation of Troth…"