Connect Corvum to Lawcus with Zapier

Managing your own law firm means your time is of the most importance. Get a service that automates menial tasks to save time and better streamline your practice. Our Zapier integration has been optimized to enable you to seamlessly send Corvum data to Lawcus.

Benefits of using Corvum through Zapier.

Have complete control of your activity

Corvum clients can create their own Zapier automations, and enable/disable them whenever they like. Automations will allow the transfer of information associated with calls, matters, texts, and contacts.

Use your existing tools efficiently

Zapier has access to 2000+ applications which you can connect to Corvum. Corvum wants to provide access to tools used by legal professionals. During daily tasks, Zapier will retrieve and transfer relevant data between your existing software.

Set up automations to save time

Creating effective automations results in less time spent on repetitive tasks like manual data entry. Zapier automations are versatile and tailored to your needs, streamlining workflow and doing the work for you.

Push communication logs directly to Lawcus.

Set up Zapier “Zaps” and you're done.

Use Zapier to connect Corvum to Lawcus and have the automation set up to your preference. Use our dedicated “Duration (_____)” zap to ensure Corvum calls are properly displayed in Lawcus’s communications log.

See both calls and text messages logged in Lawcus.

All communications made in Corvum can be logged in Lawcus, including text messages. Have text messages set to a standard time duration so your clients are properly billed according to your rates.

Power your firm with Corvum

We deal with legal professionals everyday, so we understand what you need.