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“Corvum would be good for any small to medium-sized attorney who wants the functionality of VoIP phone services. It is particularly good for ones who want business texting, and have remote workers who need access to an ‘office’ phone.”

Zach Glaser
Attorney, Legal Tech Advisor

Corvum is for the entire firm.

Admin Staff

Work more efficiently and no longer be burdened with long customer service wait times.


Benefit from a phone service provider that is as reliable for you, as you are for your clients.

IT Staff

Don’t suffer alone, we will collaborate with you to provide the best service possible.

“Corvum has provided us with solid VoIP service since 2013, securely connecting our 5 offices from coast to coast. Their support is helpful: I like being able to use such a flexible system without having to manage it all myself!”

Cathy Williams
Office Manager

“I just want you to know that I feel a lot of comfort with the service you guys are providing. This is a pretty overwhelming time for me, setting up a new business, and I’m very happy with my choice to get phone services from you.”

Deborah Labun
Solo Practitioner
Merits Family Law

We help legal professionals:

Reclaim lost time

It takes a lot to be an attorney. Set up your call and messaging rates and let us handle billing for you. Get insight on how much of your communication is billable from a single dashboard.

Keep work at work

Reclaim agency in your time management. Receive a work number to keep work calls for office hours only. Get access to call redirecting when it’s time to relax after hours.

Get priority support

Attorneys and their clients cannot afford downtime. When changes need to be made, your requests are resolved with urgency and care.

Corvum at a glance.

Detailed time tracking.

Use the Corvum Dashboard to analyze call duration and total amount of calls over certain periods. The dashboard will break down your calls into daily, weekly and monthly periods.

Never miss an important call.

Stay connected to your practice wherever you are. If you’re on-the-go, you can take calls with a dedicated business number on your smartphone without compromising your personal number. Get notified that a call is being forwarded to you so you know it’s a work call. Get the agency to answer or decline the call when you’re off the clock.

Smart texting.

Enjoy sending and receive SMS messages through our web portal. Use smart texting from Corvum to text clients using your business number while having it all documented and saved for billable use.

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How it works.

  • Corvum helps bring your firm to the cloud, powering your work-from-home strategy.
  • Connect your work number across multiple devices to answer calls in the office or on-the-go.
  • Worried about keeping your time? Don’t worry! Corvum handles that for you.

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