Voice Service

Being an expert of the law is hard enough, let us provide you with the tools you need to make communication easy.

Detailed time tracking.

Your customizable dashboard will provide you with call analytics for your active accounts.

The dashboard will break down your calls into daily, weekly and monthly periods.

Use the Corvum Dashboard to analyze call duration and total amount of calls over certain periods.

Never miss an important call again.

With our mobile answer you can answer calls from your separate business number on your personal cell phone.

Flexible call routing and customization allows you to set up a call answering sequence.

Get notified that a call is being forwarded to you so you know it’s a work call.

A smart phone system, so you can work smarter.

Efficiently locate specific messages and auto-bulk delete with visual voicemail.

Pause, rewind and fast forward voice recordings at your convenience.

All recordings are conveniently emailed to you as an mp3 with voicemail-to-email.

Seamless and effective integration.

All outgoing and incoming calls on any device supported by Corvum will be logged in the Clio communications tab.

Benefit from having all your text messages sent using Corvum imported into your Clio communications tab.

Take notes on your call within the Corvum portal to have them automatically saved to the contact in Clio.

Meet with our dedicated support team to learn more.