Voice Service

Use our tools to make your communications easier.

Connecting with clients over the phone is an integral part of being an attorney. While it is one of the most demanding parts of the job it doesn’t need to be difficult. Having a call system that works how you want it to makes this so much easier! Let Corvum increase your efficiency by providing you a phone system that works for you.

HD voice calling

Hear the person on the other end of the line with crystal clarity for optimal comprehension. On a conference call? Be able to differentiate who is talking at any given time.

Smart voicemail

Voicemails are sent to your email as .mp3 attachments. Visually locate specific messages to listen on demand in our web app. Set up auto bulk-delete for easy clean up.

Robust call management

Calls are integral to your practice’s success. Get access to call transferring, waiting, forwarding, holding, recording, custom call routing, and three-way or conference calling.

Know when it's a business call.

Don’t get caught off guard. Corvum ensures you don’t accidentally answer a client call in a less-than-formal manner. On-the-go and forwarding client calls to your mobile phone? When you pick up, Corvum advises that this is a business call and asks whether you would like to accept or decline. Can’t take the call? Simply hang up to direct your client to voicemail. Stay informed while achieving that work-life balance!

Optimized caller ID.

Control your local, public, and emergency caller ID display names and numbers. Make adjustments via your SIP phone, user profile, or account. Have all outgoing calls from your practice display the same recipient ID information based on your preferences. When you call, your practice will be recognized before they pick up.

Include custom media for a more catered experience.

Corvum lets you upload .mp3/.wav files that can be used across call features. Audio files can be used for your voicemail message, hold music, custom greeting, and auto attendant. Updating your new office hours? Not a problem! You can update your audio files with ease. If you prefer not to use personal audio files, we have classic and custom options.

Have an auto attendant triage your clients.

Welcome callers with custom greetings and connect them to the correct person or department via easy-to-use voice response menu options. Make a professional impression by guiding callers effortlessly, while saving time and money. Need alternate greetings for in-office hours and out-of-office hours? You can do that too.

Custom call routing.

Off the clock and not able to answer calls? Redirect calls to your number to another employee or directly to your voicemail. On-the-go when on the clock? Direct calls specifically to your smartphone. Don’t like leaving phone calls unattended? Set up a ring group so phones across your firm (wherever employees may be) will ring when an incoming call comes in. The routing possibilities are endless! A clear routing system means happy employees, meaning happy clients!

Meet with our dedicated support team to learn more.

Meet with our dedicated support team to learn more.