Being a legal expert is hard enough, let us give you the tools you need to make communication easy.

A product designed for you.

Corvum has your back with secure VoIP service. With independent servers across the nation, rest assured that your calls and messages stay clear and secure. Dedicated exclusively to attorneys, our team knows what it takes to streamline your office production. Being an expert of the law is hard enough, let us provide you with the tools you need to make communication easy.

Flexible business mobility

Acquire a new business number, or migrate your existing one. When you call your clients from the Corvum smartphone apps – or from your deskphone –  your client will see your business number as the caller ID.

Multiple devices: anywhere offices

Multiple offices? Home offices? Shared offices? Working from a cafe? All of the above? Connect multiple devices to any staff member to handle calls from anywhere. One company, one account.

Multi-platform phone service

Corvum can be used on any desktop, iOS or Android device. Access our browser-based portal on desktop devices without downloading software. Make use of quality VoIP desk phones as well: we support them. Got Microsoft Teams? Turn it into your phone with our MS Teams integration!

High quality VoIP calling.

Using VoIP, calling has never been more flexible, clearer, and safer! All you’ll need is a quality Internet connection and either a desk phone or software-based phone, then you’re good to go. Re-use of phones you already have, source a deskphone or softphone from us, or even use Microsoft Teams as your phone. Our team can help you design or update your call routing plan based on our experience with similar firms, and then manage it for you – so you can focus on law, not on your phone system.

We support many SIP phones: Polycom, Yealink, and others.

Smart texting and MMS.

Send and receive SMS and MMS text messages, using your existing business number, in the Corvum web and mobile apps. What else makes it smart?  Not only can you pick which phone number to be displayed (your main office number or your direct number, for example), but you can also share numbers with other team members. This is great for the main office number – multiple staff can view and respond to incoming client messages. Of course, Corvum tracks and documents all messages in Clio, for billable time, using our best-in-the-industry, thoughtfully engineered integration. How efficient! 

Detailed time tracking.

Use the Corvum Clio integration to automate the capture and assignment of phone call records, and text conversations, to Clio contacts and matters.  Our detailed, thoughtfully engineered integration truly automates this work.  No more tedious call record management – your can focus on more of your client work!  No need to start a timer to keep track of billable call time. Our integrations are real and complete – not just ‘feature padding’ marketing fodder.  Not using Clio?  All call details can be exported to CSV as well.

Convenient and intuitive note taking.

When using the Corvum web app, you can take notes during calls in real time. When a call starts, a pop-out window opens automatically. No need to find your pen that rolled off the desk, nor click on anything to find a virtual notepad. We track the time, you take the notes. Revisit them in your call history, and of course these notes are posted to Clio via our integration.

Virtual faxing.

Faxing in the cloud means saving paper (and no more fax machine)! For a flat rate, this add-on lets you send and receive faxes easily from your email. Outbound faxes are sent to your recipients from your email as PDF files, which include the date, time and caller ID. Inbound faxes are also received as PDF files in your email inbox with all the same pertinent identifying information.

Seamless, effective integrations.

Every communication automatically includes the accurate to/from contact, associated matter, and call duration. Our integration is highly automated, and offers you control over specific features: you can set the default matter per contact, set billable status, and more.  Calls are posted immediately.

Corvum imports your Clio contacts, and automatically updates afterwards. Corvum matches the number with your Clio contacts list, and correctly presents them in your communications entry. Click-to-call from inside Clio Manage with any supported softphone – including our Microsoft Teams integration.  Make calls from MS Teams and auto-post them to Clio?  Yes!

We have 60+ features designed for you.

Meet with our dedicated support team to learn more.

Meet with our dedicated support team to learn more.