Our Story

We know attorneys, heck even our families are full of attorneys.
“Corvum stands out from the crowded marketplace that we're in, because we legitimately care about our customers. When our customers call us, humans answer the phone. We always have a human answering the phone, you never get voicemail.”
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Jason Baumer

COO & Co-Founder at CORVUM

“One of the tools attorneys love using is Clio. We’ve decided to integrate with Clio, so that the practice management system already in use is seamlessly integrated with their phone system from Corvum: the attorney doesn’t have to worry about learning and using a different tool.”
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Graham Nelson-Zutter

CTO & Co-Founder at CORVUM

About Us

Corvum is the only VoIP telephone service provider dedicated to the legal industry in North America. We offer reliable, secure and easy-to-use VoIP telephone services designed for the legal industry’s distinct professional needs and unique obligations. Law firms and their teams go to battle for others all day. You put others’ needs in front of your own. You should not be dealing with data entry problems, long customer service wait times or missed phone calls. Law firms using Corvum are able to reclaim downtime, take calls anywhere and track client interactions with their team, all with crystal-clear call quality.

Our Founding

Our journey began in 2006, the company was founded by Jason Baumer and Graham Nelson-Zutter, under the name Fugu Phone and the mission was to provide excellent home phone service. In 2008, under the new name Telephonic the company took a different direction, providing VoIP phone services to businesses in a variety of industries. Although the name changed and the direction changed, the mission always stayed the same. Jason and Graham pride themselves on delivering an exceptional product that is reliable, secure and easy to use. During these transitions Jason and Graham never left their posts as co-founders, meaning, they have worked together for 13 years and they still like each other. (cool right?).

A New Beginning

In 2019 when it became clear that the products and services the company offered appealed largely to the legal sector, the duo launched an official rebrand. With increased marketing efforts and a focus on the legal industry, Corvum was born. Corvum now focuses on niche VoIP phone services designed to serve the legal industry. The solutions are sensible, easy to adopt, and quick to learn. This means that lawyers can focus on advocating for their clients, rather than beating their heads against walls over lost billable hours and other time-consuming tasks.

The Future

We are proud of our client centric design, innovation and outstanding customer service. We are always working on new features for our service to make lawyers’ lives just a little bit easier. Building upon the strength of our well-established core services, Corvum continuously innovates transformative tools to empower lawyers, boutique, and full-service firms to better serve their clients – and to help themselves.

Where does the name CORVUM come from?

“Jason and I have always been intrigued with the intelligence of some birds. In particular crows, they are fantastic communicators and multi tier problem solvers. Growing up I was exposed to a lot of the latin language, given both my parents are lawyers. So when Jason and I were talking about what to name our communication business the word Corvum stuck out in my head.”
team photos - circles-06
Graham Nelson-Zutter

CTO & Co-Founder at CORVUM

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