Softphone Information

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What is a softphone?

Simply put, a soft phone is a software application installed on an internet-connected device for phone calls. This software lets users access to dial and all the features included in their VoIP solution.

How can softphones benefit your practice?

Take your business phone with you, no matter where you are.

You will be able to work from anywhere, with the ease of not having to move desk phones around with you. Softphones allow for easy set up and installation. Allowing you to focus on what you’re really supposed to be doing, practicing law.

Lower your expenses, you won’t have to buy any hardware.

Desk phones can be an expensive added cost to phone service. A soft phone is a more affordable alternative that allows for greater flexibility and more advanced features.

Unified communications.

Streamline efficiency and create a unified phone network between all your staff and different offices. Using the soft phone allows you to easily manage what phone your staff and offices are using.

Moving your business to the cloud has never been easier!

Moving your business to the cloud has never been easier!