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Wed January 15 2020, 1:00 // Posted by corvum

CORVUM Hero Spotlight + Staff Feature: Jahan & Tesla

Jahanzeb Khan is a bonafide Desk Yoga Master and our Product Development Lead. Ever the comedian at our weekly check-ins, he is in hot pursuit of a working air conditioning system! If you know of a truly great one, let us know! Exploration and discovery fuel Jahan’s work-motor – as such, he has chosen Nikola Tesla for this month’s Corvum hero spotlight.

Tesla studied engineering and physics but ultimately never received a degree, gaining experience by working in telephony and electric power. His inventions and contributions to the modern world, while long under appreciated, are truly staggering and inspired. In fact many inventors jumped off from the foundations he laid down and went on to take the credit.

A man that can really only be covered in long form, Mental Floss succinctly covers the basics: “Tesla [omitted] conducted pioneering work in electric light, electric motors, radio, x-ray, remote control, radar, wireless communications, and robotics, and created his famous transformer, the Tesla coil.”

Tesla ultimately strived to utilize the earth to transmit power wirelessly to all. While he endeavoured to make this possible he was in a race to be the first to transmit messages across the Atlantic. Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi got their first when he successfully transmitted the letter ‘s’ in 1901. Soon after Tesla’s funding from J.P. Morgan ran dry. Tesla’s intention was not only to transmit messages wirelessly, but also telephony, facsimile images, and eventually power, however the continuance of his Wardenclyffe Tower fell asunder in 1906 when no further funding could be garnered.

While Tesla didn’t get the chance to complete every futuristic idea that flashed before him, his curiosity, dedication and tireless efforts to develop and discover is unsurpassed. He had countless concepts that were never built including a thought camera! Wild!

Tesla was noted as saying of himself: “It seems that I have always been ahead of my time.” The modern world would certainly be a very different place were it not for Tesla’s brilliant mind.

If you want to read more about him check out this great biography!