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Mon February 8 2021, 10:30 // Posted by corvum

John J. Hollins Jr. and his passion for navigating domestic relations

Image courtesy of Thompson Burton, PLLC

Lawyers don’t need to be in the news to be considered heroes. What matters most is their dedication to their clients and their practice of law. John J. Hollins Jr. is an active attorney and partner at Thompson Burton, PLLC in Nashville, Tennessee. Attorney Hollins practices family law and has resolved several cases for more than 30+ years. Outside of his profession, Hollins is also an author, and an active member of his community.

Accomplishments in law

In the earlier years of Hollins’s career, he managed criminal cases, insurance defense, and personal injury cases before specializing in family law. Many of his cases were in “areas of divorce, child custody, child support, paternity, post divorce, prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements.” Hollins also “prides himself in the ability to negotiate, mediate and resolve substantial family law cases.” As of January 2021, Hollins has been titled 2021 Tennessee Family Lawyer of the Year.

After 20+ years of practice, Attorney Hollins’ book began writing his book, Surviving Divorce, released in 2011 to help individuals navigate their divorces and the legal space. Sharing his accrued knowledge over the years, Hollins’ book provides access to justice in an unconventional way. From the book’s multiple reviews, readers say Surviving Divorce “is a fine book that is of great benefit to people in need of wisdom, discernment and insight” and being “an authoritative source of real wisdom and ethical tactics that work.” 

Engagement with activism

Outside of law, Hollins is an avid participant in his community, volunteering his time to multiple initiatives. Hollins is an active and passionate supporter of waterfowl conservation and population regulation being a member of both the Tennessee Chapter of Ducks Unlimited and Delta WaterFowl since 1995 and 2000 respectively. He has also been involved in home building projects with Habitat for Humanity for over ten years.

Attorney Hollins is not only a hero for his work in family law but his dedicated engagement with goodwill causes. His work as a hero not only extends through navigating divorces but with the betterment of animal conversation and quality of life of human life improvement. Dedicated legal professionals contributing to society inspire us at Corvum.