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Fri December 3 2021, 5:48 // Posted by Jason Baumer

Zipwhip Closing in 2022 – What can you do?

Corvum Offers Bespoke Texting Services for Law Firms + Attorneys

Zipwhip is a popular business texting service. Earlier this year, Zipwhip was acquired by Twilio, and, if you’re a Zipwhip client, you now probably know what this means: it was recently announced that Zipwhip is closing in 2022, leaving thousands of customers without a texting service.

You already know the enormus benefits that texting can offer your firm – be client-responsive while maintaining important boundaries. You don’t want to lose out!

Zipwhip customers can no longer make changes to their service, so if you’re a current Zipwhip client, you may already be facing limitations as to what you can do.

So, what can you do?

It is time to review your options and find a replacement, quickly.

This is a great time to review how you and your team used Zipwhip. Were there features missing? Had you subscribed to features that were largely unused?

Corvum provides text and voice services exclusively to the legal industry, and launched its’ completely new texting service in October 2021. The Corvum team continues to add features and functionality based directly upon client feedback and wish lists: their goal is to offer exactly what legal teams are looking for in a texting platform. The Corvum texting service offers a well designed, deep integration with Clio – a bonus for any firm using that platform.

Text clients from your main firm number, share this number amongst different team members, send and receive documents and images – from either your browser (using a full keyboard of course), or from the Corvum iOS or Android app.

Zipwhip is closing in 2022. If you’re a Zipwhip client, make sure you have migrated off that platform before that happens!

Read the official Zipwhip announcement, and relevant information, here.

To find out more about Corvum’s bespoke services for law firms, please set up an appointment via this link, or call 1-877-638-3848.