Our Clio Integration

Clio Manage

Cloud-based legal practice management software that makes running your firm, organizing cases, and collaborating with clients from one place possible.

Our integration with Clio helps you get the most of your practice management and phone system. Enjoy the benefit of having every minute of billable time tracked and all communications imported into Clio

Key Features

Click-to-Call Dialer:

  • Autodial your clients right from your Contacts page in Clio Manage:
  • Corvum will call your phone (a cell phone or direct line). Once you’ve answered, Corvum will call your client for you.
  • A “Take Notes” button will appear in the Corvum portal. You can take notes and associate the call with a matter in Clio. When the call ends, the duration and notes will automatically be logged in Clio’s Communications Log for accurate billing.

Keep Your Personal Number Private

  • When clients call your new Corvum business number, your cell phone will ring.
  • When you call with Corvum, your client will see your business number as the caller ID – not your personal number.

Call Tracking

  • We keep track of your client calls so you don’t have to. There’s no need to start a timer; if you’re on the phone, we’re tracking it.

Link Contacts

  • We recognize your calls, then automatically links them to your contact list and phone logs in Clio. Super organized with zero effort on your part.

Take Notes in Real-Time

  • Take notes while you’re on the phone and conveniently associate them with matters in Clio.

Post Calls to Clio Logs

  • We post all client calls to your Clio phone logs. Everything is synced, organized, and retrievable later.

Associate Calls with Matters

  • Associate any and all billable client call time with the matter they pertain to, in Clio.

Identify Billable Time

  • Identify billable call time accurately so you can bill for everything that should be billed for—easily.

Become a law firm powered by Corvum and Clio.

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