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The Corvum dialer uses the ‘voice’ side of your phone. This uses the minutes on your plan, but by connecting to our Network, you will be able to avoid all long distance charges. Phone Magic!

Yes, there are several ways we are able to mask your personal number. The first is by providing you a private DID number synced to your Corvum account. This will act as a buffer between your personal number and your work contacts. When receiving an inbound call to your DID, we will route it to your cell phone – keeping your number private and giving you the option to screen your work calls before answering.

Yes, we can set up call forwarding to your cell phone from any phone number ported to our network. Simple make a bespoke request to our support team, and we will happily add forwarding rules to your device. This includes the option for ring groups and time based rules.

Yes, we can perform a little ‘Phone Magic’ and make the outbound caller ID of your personal device appear as your firm or business number of your choosing.

Yes, ring groups, time based rules, and custom call configurations come standard on all our service plans. You can find more information on our full feature list.

In the Corvum portal, you can scroll through a list of your ‘internal contacts’. On this list, there is a green, yellow, or red circle next to each contacts name. Green = available, Yellow = connecting to a call and Red = Line is Busy.

Corvum has a proprietary sound quality analytics software where a live analysis of jitter and packet loss.

The porting process usually takes 5 business days, but can be expedited if needed on a case by case scenario. There are additional fees for express porting. Please contact an onboarding representative for more information.

Yes, Corvum offers 3 one hour employee training sessions free of charge. These can be conducted remotely or in person, depending on distance and preference.

Yes, the Corvum Quality Assurance warranty can be accessed here. For any follow up questions, please contact one of our onboarding representatives

Yes, Corvum is able to provision, port and configure phones remotely. Confirmation of Open or Unlocked devices, as well as admin passwords will be necessary.

Yes, Corvum can help you and your firm transition to working remotely or working from home. Schedule a service orientation with one of our representatives to find out more.

Yes, we take bespoke requests for call transfers, routing, and configuration.

Yes. We can port all toll free numbers and are able to check for portability of others once provided the 10 digit code.

Yes, your calls can be routed to ring a SIP phone or Soft phone.


Please watch this instructional video on how to use the Corvum Portal’s software features, including Live Note Taking, Visual Voicemail, and, Assigning Call Information.

When an inbound or outbound call is made, a pop up window in the bottom right corner will be triggered. By clicking into this window, the live notetaking feature will appear in your browser. From here you can take notes, assign subject, matters, contacts and billable rate. Remember to save these fields before exiting to the dashboard!

Yes, we offer SMS text messaging, and MMS (sending of documents via text) through the Corvum portal and mobile apps. These messages are saved and logged in our contact history, as well as posted to Clio for integrated users. Text message logs can also be downloaded as a .csv file.

Yes, and the Corvum app is available for both iPhone and Android phones.

** Currently in development **

No, Corvum does not yet offer voicemail transcription services but does offer the option for visual voicemail and voicemail to email services. All voicemails are saved in your Corvum portal, as well as emailed to a specified email address. They can be downloaded as an .mp3 file and saved for future reference.

Yes, Call Analytics can be viewed in the Corvum portal in the main Dashboard. This page shows a breakdown of your calls on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Data points can be further investigated by hovering your mouse over their display, and call duration and volume are easily referenced with corresponding time stamps.

Yes, Corvum offers email to fax – inbound and outbound.


Corvum captures all inbound and outbound calls on our network and posts their data into call history. From there, it pushes the data of your call logs into the communications log in Clio. They can be viewed in contacts, as well as communication history in chronological order.

Yes!  Corvum syncs with your Clio contacts: it will import your contact list when you first connect to Clio, and will immediately update whenever you add or remove contacts afterwards.

The Corvum mobile app makes use of your Clio contacts as well – not your mobile phone’s native contact list.

Yes, SMS / MMS messages will also be posted to your Communications log in Clio.  Our new and advanced integration handles this very well.

You can also manage how information is posted to Clio by editing particular call information in the Corvum ‘communications’ page.

Note that we’re still working on document handling – the actual MMS document is not posted yet – only the title.

Call logs are stored and viewable in several locations. The Communications log holds all calls in chronological order. These communications can also be viewed in related Contacts or Matters.

Using ‘click to call’ with a softphone app, such as Bria, is the quickest way to call a Clio contact. The softphone app should be set as your ‘default calling app’ to do this.

Another method would be to use the ‘Call with Corvum’ button inside Clio.  Simply navigate to contacts, open the dropdown button next to a desired contact and select ‘Call with Corvum’. Our browser will open in a second window, and a call will be placed from your phone.

Yes, you can make a call with the Corvum portal by using our Dialer. It is accessible in the bottom left your browser, and will trigger a call to any 10 digit phone number, whether they have been saved in your contacts or not.

Yes, both inbound and outbound calls are tracked and logged in Clio.

Yes, your calls can be routed to ring a SIP phone or Soft phone.

Yes, we can adjust the DID number associated with your Corvum account. We are also able to mask your outbound caller ID by bespoke request.

No, as of now the only editable information able to be saved is your live notes. However, a time stamp and call log with all inbound and outbound data will still be captured.


Yes, the Corvum app is now available for iOS and Android phones.

Yes, Corvum is able to set you up on a third party app called ‘Bria’. This softphone works the same as a deskphone, except it lives in your cell phone or desktop computer.

When placing or receiving a call with a Bria enabled device, you will be using the Internet. This is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) connection, and will connect to our network via Wifi or LTE data on a Cellphone.

Yes, the first difference is that the Corvum dialer uses the voice side of your cellphone and a softphone uses a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) connection. In areas of poor wifi reception or internet connection we recommend using the Corvum Dialer. In areas of bed cell reception but strong internet, it is advantageous to use the softphone. Both methods will still create call logs and communication entries on our Portal.

Yes, a softphone is able to operate by downloading a native application on the desktop and cellphone. While using a softphone on your desktop, we recommend using an ethernet cable to create a hardlined connection for better sound quality.

You can set up your softphone by following the steps included in this document. Corvum will provide you with the necessary information and credentials to get up and running in minutes. If you would like to set up a one on one orientation of the Bria app or need assistance onboarding, please schedule an appointment here.

Yes, depending on your plan, Bria allows you to use more than one device with your softphone. This allows the flexibility to use Bria on your cellphone, desktop computer, or laptop – while saving all this information on the same account on our network.

Yes – any unlocked/open SIP phone can be used with Corvum VoIP.


We recommend using Polycom phones, but if you already have existing phones and don’t want to purchase new ones we are able to provision them to our network as long as they are Open SIP devices with admin access.

Corvum is able to offer wholesale pricing on desktop phones. Our recommended models are Polycoms – additional details can be provided by contacting out onboarding specialist for more information.

Corvum has a set-up guide that can be referenced. If you have any questions, you can organize a hardware set-up meeting with one of our representatives.

Purchasing & Pricing

Yes, a direct line and new private number comes standard with each Free Trial and Corvum Premium Seat.

Prices vary – with the cheapest ranging from $70 USD to $300 USD. For specific details on each model and a cost benefit analysis please contact one of our representatives here.

Cost per seat will depend on the potential customization of plans and features. For our base pricing models, please refer to our pricing page.

Yes, Corvum can offer custom pricing models depending on each use case. Please schedule a meeting to see if your firm is eligible for an adjusted rate.

Corvum does not lock our users into long term contracts. Instead we bill month to month, and offer a discount for customers who subscribe to our annual plan.

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