Corvum Customer Testimonials

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"We've been using Corvum for our VoIP system (both traditional VoIP and its web portal) for over 3 years and have enjoyed the experience throughout. From the personalized setup experience to prompt customer service and reliable connections, we've come to treat Corvum as part of the backbone to our client communication systems. Highly recommend!!"
Kellen Voyer Law

Kellen Voyer
Lawyer and Director
Voyer Law

"Corvum has provided us with solid VoIP service since 2013, securely connecting our 5 offices from coast to coast. Their support is helpful: I like being able to use such a flexible system without having to manage it all myself!"

Cathy Williams
Office Manager

"Onboarding was so easy and fast I didn't even know it happened. Texting is quick and easy, providing an email notification when a client texts you. Most importantly, other than the great pricing, is that Corvum automatically syncs your texts with Clio and stores them in your client's matter. I would absolutely recommend Corvum to any Clio user who intends to communicate with clients via text as it not only keeps track of all text conversations in Clio, unlike most text services that are integrated with Clio, but it's also the best-priced texting service available for Clio."

Domenic Celeste
Solo Practitioner
Virtual Accident Attorney

"I just want you to know that I feel a lot of comfort with the service you guys are providing. This is a pretty overwhelming time for me, setting up a new business, and I’m very happy with my choice to get phone services from you."

Deborah Labun
Solo Practitioner
Merits Family Law

"With our former provider, I didn’t realize our calls were leaving Canada. I’m happy that, with Corvum, our calls now stay within Canada."

Drew Dennis
Executive Director
Pivot Legal

"We recently upgraded to Corvum and we are very happy that we made the switch. The customer service is exceptional. [They are] very professional and great to deal with, we highly recommend Corvum."

Jenna Berry
Hayward Sheppard Barristers & Solicitors

"Following the first COVID-19 shutdown we chose Corvum and could not be more pleased. It is because of their dedicated customer service, compatibility with our work systems, and flexibility in working remotely that we are able to communicate flawlessly as a team. Corvum's service is truly the 'Gold Standard!'"

Julie Zinni
Director of Operations
Tyler & Bursch, LLP Lawyers & Advisors

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