Texting Service

Texting made convenient, wherever you are.

Lawyers and their teams work long hours, often dealing with difficult subject matter. You deserve to be able to maintain the appropriate boundaries! At the same time, however, your clients expect you to be highly responsive. With Corvum Texting, you and your firm can easily connect with clients while keeping your personal number private. Share the responsibility with other team members, and let Corvum help you maintain your personal time!

The Corvum mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Text with your firm's number

You don’t need to give out your personal number anymore.  Share your main number with different members of your team, and keep your own direct number for your special clients.

Store messages securely and connect to Clio

Stop taking screenshots to archive messages. Access all of your messages in one location in our web app. Permanently store message contents in your practice management platform.

Be responsive while working from anywhere

At home or on-the-go? Use Corvum wherever you may be. Connect with clients from your mobile or desktop, in a suit or in pajamas – it’s your call.

Privacy and security

Never give out your personal number again. Corvum can provide a new dedicated business number to use, or you can use your existing number. Turn notifications off at specific times when you’d rather not be working.

Accessible and intuitive design

Easy to use desktop web interface and mobile app that lets you learn it quickly. Browser-based cloud technology means avoiding downloading any software and being accessible off any desktop with internet access.

The Corvum Mobile app is available on iOS and Android.

Efficient and automated communication control

Corvum allows you to export all of your client communications as a .csv/excel file that you can use to your discretion. If you’re a Clio user, our integration automatically posts your conversations to Clio for documentation and billing purposes.

Meet with our dedicated support team to learn more.

Meet with our dedicated support team to learn more.