Our Network

Our network carries over 2,000,000 unique calls every month.

Not a “Cloud-of-Clouds”

Many VoIP providers use general purpose cloud hosting services. These lower cost options do not deliver the best experience to the end user. Corvum takes responsibility for its infrastructure. Corvum’s network is designed to provide the highest possible VoIP service quality.

Independently Owned & Operated

Corvum operates 3 independent data centers across North America. The equipment Corvum uses to provide its services was installed and configured by experienced, in-house technicians VoIP technicians who have been operating telecommunications infrastructure since 2006.

This independence and brain trust within Corvum ensures that our own team is able to follow best practices in delivering VoIP which third party facilities can’t or won’t. Corvum takes direct responsibility for its own infrastructure to ensure customers receive the best possible service.

Geo-Redundant & Geo-Optimized

Corvum’s three independent data centers are located in separate regions (Western, Central, Eastern) to provide the best possible connectivity to our customers across North America. Our data centers are designed with hot-failover and are self-healing.

In the event of a fibre cut or disaster, Corvum clients automatically connect to Corvum’s other data centers. When the fibre cut is repaired our customers automatically reconnect to the closest Corvum data centers. Corvum customers can continue using their VoIP service without disruption.

Inter Service Provider (ISP) & Carrier Neutral

Corvum feels strongly about maintaining independence and neutrally when connecting with ISPs and carriers. Each of our three data centers has two independent connections to the internet. Corvum’s core network is connected to six separate ISPs to ensure maximum uptime and multiple redundant network paths to our customers.

Careful attention has been made to maintain high quality connectivity to each of the leading ISPs in Canada. Corvum also maintains 12 independent connections to traditional telecommunications carriers connecting to the Public Switch Telecom Network (PSTN).

Open Design & Scientific Research

Corvum believes strongly that the design of the internet can be improved for everyone’s sake. Corvum is proud to support the work of researchers using the RIPE Atlas project. The Atlas project provides the most complete performance map ever gathered of the internet and encourages the best possible design and operation practices. Corvum hosts critical RIPE Atlas Anchor network probes which are used to coordinate measurements and provide an open map of Corvum’s network. Corvum has also supported research into mapping the internet with Simon Fraser University.

See the difference for yourself.

We take our promise of quality service as serious as you take your responsibility to your clients.