Corvum's Features

Auto Attendant with Custom Greetings

Welcome callers with custom greetings and connect them to the correct person or department via easy-to-use voice response menu options. Upload your own HD recordings (MP3/WAV), or update greetings directly over the phone. Breezy! Make a professional impression, guide callers effortlessly, while saving time and money. Need alternate greetings for in-office hours and out-of-office hours? You can do that too. And it’s all included!

Call Recording

With call recording securely record specific calls and the recordings will be automatically sent as an MP3 attachment to your email inbox. Have an important client call and want to go back over what was discussed at a later time? Nothing is more accurate than a recording! This also gives you the freedom to focus more closely on the conversation, because you can update your notes later. Being detail oriented as usual, and less stressed out. Yay!

Conference (Three-Way Calling)

Conference makes it easy to take calls with as many local extensions as you have in your firm. Simply dial an extension, press hold and then ‘conference’ and continue to dial the local extensions you wish to add to the call. This works really well for smaller team chats. You can host a conference room (link) for larger groups with our burstable lines.

Conference Room (Bridge)

With a conference room you can hold larger meetings with people from multiple locations. All callers simply dial into the room and input the special PIN number. This is a very effective way to optimize large scale communications for better collaboration – and you only pay for what you actually use. Far more cost-effective, efficient and timely than business travel!

Custom On Hold Messages

Keep clients informed while they are on hold (link) with custom messages. Upload your own HD recordings (MP3/WAV), or record messages easily over the phone. Give callers important information such as upcoming holiday hours.

Directory (Dial-by-Name)

Create a custom internal directory whereby your firm can search and dial other team members by first and last name. Super intuitive dialing enables faster connections for increased efficiency.

Fax (Email-to-Fax / Fax-to-Email / Virtual Fax)

Faxing in the cloud means no more sorting through giant piles of paper. Send and receive faxes easily, and save them digitally in the right folders, right away. Outbound faxes are automatically sent to your recipients from you email inbox as PDF files which include the date, time and caller ID. Inbound faxes are also received as PDF files in your email inbox with all the same pertinent identifying information. Save trees and your sanity!

HD Voice Quality

HD Voice typically delivers at least twice the sound range of traditional landline phone calls. Whoa. We know how important those client calls are. Being able to hear the person on the other end of the conversation with crystal clarity means optimal comprehension. Taking a large scale conference call? Having an increased ability to differentiate between who is talking at any given moment is hugely important for effective collaboration. You hear what we’re saying? Winky face.

Hold Music

Holding calls is sometimes necessary, especially at busy firms. We have classic and custom options so you can choose just what is right for your firm. By default, callers on hold will hear royalty free HD-quality classical music. Or you can choose to upload your own custom HD recordings, or record special messages (link to custom on hold messages) that play in lieu of music. Feel like switching it up based on the season, or upcoming needs? We love options as much as you do. Keep your clients entertained with music while they wait.

Hot Desking

With hot desking you can float phones between team members whenever you wish. Log into any other business phone or device and your specific extensions and profile settings will follow. Talk about malleability. No need to unplug your previous phone and move it to another part of the office. Just sit down at your new desk and your personalized settings will already be set up on the new phone as if by teleportation. Desk space: the final frontier. Nerd alert!


Use our intercom feature to make quick announcements to other team members. Need to let a team member know their 4 o’ clock has arrived? Or that someone sent them flowers! Nice. This feature enables you to make quick announcements to any local extension.

PA (Broadcast)

Make announcements to multiple team members, the whole office, or even multiple office locations. Efficient communication makes us happy too. “Doughnuts in the breakroom everybody! Don’t worry – we got gluten free ones too.” Or to let them know everyone is ready for that big meeting in the boardroom.

Presence (BLF / Busy Lamp Field)

Call presence lets you monitor the phone status of your team members. If someone is on a call, you will know it. Direct clients to other extensions so no important client calls go unanswered. Increase efficiency between team members as you will immediately know whether it is a good time to swing by their office for a tête-à-tête.

Ring Groups

Ring groups lets you add multiple users and/or devices to a single call route. You can choose to have designated phones ring simultaneously, or sequentially depending on your firm’s preferences. Once a call is picked up by someone in the group the ringing stops. We understand how important it is that client calls are answered in a timely fashion. Ring groups can help your firm be responsive.

Shared Line Appearance (Group BLF)

Shared line appearance allows multiple SIP phones to see incoming calls and selectively retrieve calls as they ring. This feature means priority callers are less likely to end up in voicemail. Programmable keys allow for easy call pickup so multiple team members are able to assess whether a call should be picked up right away. Your firm doesn’t have to miss potential leads or leave important clients on hold for too long.

Speed Dial

Speed dial helps you connect to your priority clients and contacts more efficiently. Set up your SIP phone’s programmable keys to dial out with the push of a button.

Three-Way Calling

Three-way calling means you can connect your team and/or external contacts for better collaboration. Need to join a call that is already in progress, or leave a call intact when your participation is no longer needed. Three-way calling gives your firm the flexibility to connect the way that works best for you.

Voicemail (VM)

Voicemail boxes can be added for each individual extension or shared between multiple team members. Whatever your firms’ specific needs, we can customize. With visual voicemail (link), team members can also easily forward voicemails to each others’ mailboxes. For those busy times when you can’t answer the phone.


With voicemail-to-email all voicemail messages are automatically forwarded to your email inbox as mp3 attachments. To avoid the constant maintenance of your voicemail (link) inbox, simply go to settings and choose to have all voicemails automatically deleted after they are forwarded to you. Breezy!0

Business Alert

With business alert, Corvum ensures you don’t accidentally answer a client call in a less-than-formal manner. On-the-go and forwarding client calls to your mobile phone? How do you determine whether that incoming call is business or personal? You pick up. Corvum advises: “This is a forwarded call. Please press 1 to accept, or 2 to decline”. So you know this call means business. If you prefer not to take the call at that time, simply hang up and your client can leave you a message in your Corvum voicemail inbox. Stay informed while achieving that work / life blend!

Business Mobility (Keep Your Personal Number Private)

With business mobility you can keep your personal number private and stay connected with your clients even on the go. Travelling to an out of city conference, or working from home? When clients call your Corvum business number, you can pick up on your mobile phone and your client will see your business number as the caller ID. Giving you and your clients piece of mind without sacrificing your personal contact information.

Call Forwarding

With Call Forwarding you can stay connected with your clients, even on the go. Travelling to an out of city conference, or working from home? When clients call your Corvum business number, you can pick up on your mobile phone or landline and your client will see your business number as the caller ID. Giving you and your clients piece of mind without sacrificing your personal contact information. In the case of an emergency or internet shut down, failback settings will make sure you don’t miss that important call. All calls will be forwarded to a designated failback phone number.

Call Management

Call management enables your front desk to prioritize incoming callers. Hold (link), route (link), or even block unwanted calls efficiently. Eliminate frustration by ensuring your client calls are getting answered – not sitting on hold for too long, or going directly to voicemail. Corvum’s escalation procedures for busy call times makes it easy. Shorter wait times. Happier clients. Better communication.

Caller ID

Our Caller ID feature allows you to control your local, public and emergency caller ID display names and numbers. Adjustments can be made easily via your SIP phone, user profile or account. Outgoing calls will show particular recipients ID information based on your preferences. Which means when you call you are recognized before they even pick up. SIP phones allow you to do a whole lot more than just talk! It’s kind of like having a personal assistant at your fingertips!

Call Parking (Shared Hold with BLF)

With call parking you can put calls on hold (link) and pick them up on any other device as needed. This means you don’t have to end a call prematurely with a client, just because you need to switch phones. Have to switch the call to your mobile phone because you have to get to a meeting? Or take it in another part of the office because there is construction outside, and you need a quiet space? All you have to do is park the call, pick it up on your preferred device and you can continue your conversation. Fewer interruptions, better continuity.

Call Transfers (Attended or Instant)

Transfer client calls to particular extensions (link) or external numbers seamlessly. You can choose to have someone talk to clients before they are transferred (Attended) or they can simply be transferred right away to the specific extension (Instant). Don’t waste anymore valuable time – we can help you program specific keys for faster transfers. Nice!

Call Waiting

Call waiting means you get notified of a new incoming call while you are already participating in another call. You can switch back and forth between calls, or let one caller know you will call them back. Caller ID (link) displays the second incoming caller, so you can decide whether to take the call now, or let it go to voicemail. This also lets you know whether you spend time listening to their voicemail right as soon as possible, or whether it can wait. Call waiting helps you be more responsive, and prioritize time sensitive client calls.

Custom Call Routing (Call Flow)

We can create custom call routing which perfectly matches your firms’ specific needs. You can decide how your incoming calls are handled. With a custom welcome message and menu options, your clients can easily select the correct extension instantly. Saving you and your clients time.

Custom Schedules / Time-of-Day Routing

Create custom rules to route calls (link to call routing) for specific time-of-day, day-of-week or dates – depending on your workflow. Restricted holiday hours, busy times, office closures – we can route your calls in a way that works for you. Direct your calls to a particular number at a particular time. It’s that easy. Save your clients the frustration of not getting through to someone when they need to. Save yourself the stress of worrying about what is happening to your calls, when you are not in the office.

Do Not Disturb (DND)

Do not disturb, means you can make sure there are zero interruptions. Busy preparing something urgent? Need to participate in a lengthy important meeting? Block calls and automatically direct them to your voicemail inbox. Or you can choose to have them routed to alternate extensions so another team member can take your calls. With visual voicemail and call history, you can quickly identify priority callers you missed, and get back to them right away.

Emergency Services (E911 Address Registration)

E911 ensures outbound calls to 911 are directed to the appropriate emergency responders. The 911 operator will see the address associated with Caller ID. Offices within a firm can also be included so responders know precisely which extension the phone call came from. This can be especially important in larger buildings.
A double-safety measure can be put in place whereby the operator will check the address with the caller in case of SIP phone migration to a new office. When Corvum is notified of an address change – the 911 protocol is updated.

Extensions (Locals)

Calling between extensions gives your team flexibility. They can be in your local office or across multiple offices (link). Whatever your firms’ needs: we can adjust, add, or remove extensions – meaning you can scale your firm the way you want. Go team!

Find Me / Follow Me (Business Mobility / Call Forwarding)

Forward incoming calls to your mobile phone, or any other device and keep your personal or direct number private. Take client calls wherever you are and never miss an important call again. Travelling to an out of city conference or working from home? When clients call your Corvum business number, you can pick up on your mobile phone and your client will see your business number as the caller ID. Stay mobile. Keep connected.


Place calls on hold as needed. With call parking (link), multiple calls can be placed on hold in a parking lot. Held calls are easily retrieved and can be connected to the correct extensions in a priority or time-based sequence. Hold. The. Phone! You can even add your own custom music (link) or custom messages for callers to listen to while they are on hold. That’s awesome.

Data Security (Canada)

We run three independent Canadian data centres, which ensures great call quality. Your client calls and sensitive case data never leave the country. At all. Ever. Lawyers who wish to store confidential data in the cloud—notably data covered by professional secrecy—should give preference to clouds that consist of servers located only on Canadian soil and under the control of Canadian entities.

International Dialing

Unlimited international calling?! Yes! With VoIP, your firm gets all that without any additional inflated charges on the company phone bill. For those times when you or your client are travelling and still need to connect. Wow, VoIP is pretty nifty. We like it too.

Local Language Support

Need a Montreal phone number or an automated greeting that also plays in Spanish? Callers can be greeted with a bilingual message or directed to a bilingual member of the team. It’s breezy to change the system feedback language on a per number and per extension basis. Lots of options to keep it local.

Local Regional Numbers (DID)

Having a local phone number is crucial to establishing a local presence. Firms with multiple locations benefit from having their office’s respective area code. Even firms with one location can establish a local presence in multiple places. Head office in Toronto? No problem, we can also provide you with numbers for New York, San Diego and more.
We can also set it up to direct inbound calls from any location to a location specific number. Especially when potential new clients are searching for your services online. A firm with a local area code is far more likely to get a phone call then one that feels too far away.

Multiple Devices

Connect multiple devices under a single user account and share one phone number to answer calls from any phone. Very handy for business travel, or if you want the flexibility of working from home or even the cabin! Push ongoing calls from your desk phone to your mobile or softphone. Simply: convenient, flexible call handling.

Multiple Offices

We can register phones from any of your firm locations under one account which makes calling office extensions (link) in other cities a breeze. No long distance phone charges between office locations. Need to travel without losing the accessibility of your programmed SIP phone? Simply bring it with you. All you need is a secure internet connection and you’re good to go. One company, one account.

Number Porting

We do number porting too! If you are rather attached to your existing business number and you want to benefit from Corvum’s phone magic – no worries! We can take your existing phone number and port it over. It also means staying connected to your clients is even easier, as there is no need to update everyone with a new number. Don’t worry our feelings won’t be hurt if you don’t want a new one! We make Corvum work for you.

Portal (Corvum Web App)

Get the most out of VoIP by using our web application. We don’t just have great call quality and phones that act like personal assistants. Corvum does even more! First off we’ve made it easy with single sign on. Access the portal with your business email, Google or Microsoft account.
Once you’re in you can efficiently locate specific voice messages with visual voicemail. You can also save time by deleting multiple old messages in a matter of clicks with our bulk-delete function. Take notes in real time while talking to clients. Revisit notes in your call history where all the calls have also been time-tracked and dated. Adjust your VoIP settings… oh and did we mention we have SMS and an in app dialer?! So many features to help you get out of the office at a decent hour. Feel tech savvy while only clicking your mouse a few times – because it is also super easy to use.

Uptime (All the Time)

We understand business continuity is incredibly important – especially when dealing with sensitive matters. Your firm deserves pptime, all the time. Our multi-redundant server infrastructure ensures you never have to miss a costly beat. VoIP phone service runs out of privately-owned Canadian data centers. Benefit from exceptional call quality, security, and data privacy.

CRM Integrations

Utilize Corvum’s CRM Integration and connect Corvum to your Clio account for increased efficiency. Take notes during calls, associate them with matters and easily identify more billable time.

We recognize your inbound and outbound calls and automatically link them to your contact list and communications log in Clio. So you don’t have to do anything manually when it comes to client calls! You can even use our click-to-call function in Clio which connects you to your clients with one click!

If you are not a Clio user you can download a CSV file of your call history in the Corvum portal and input into most CRM platforms. Future integrations to be announced. Ooooh. Ahhhh. You take the calls, we enter the data. Breezy!

Custom Dynamic Apps (JSON / XML)

Need a bespoke application to help run your firm more smoothly? Our developers can create custom call routing and feedback to meet the needs of your specific business processes. This means however you prefer incoming calls to be managed – we can make it happen!

Our developers utilize the popular JSON, or TwiML XML data formats which will make your IT person happy 🙂 For example: VIP Caller-ID Detection prioritizes particular clients’ Caller-ID whereby their phone numbers are auto-detected and routed via a special sequence to ensure they are connected to the correct person, right away. Alleviating the need for them to go through menu options or transfers. They will feel very taken care of, and you will too! Options, malleability: we are here to make your day as easy as possible.

VIP Caller ID Detection

With VIP Caller-ID Detection we can customize the routing of your most important calls. When valued clients call their phone number can trigger a special priority sequence to ensure the correct team member answers. Remove the risk of frustration and give your priority clients the VIP treatment.

Call History

With call history all inbound and outbound calls are automatically logged. If you’re on the phone, we’re tracking it. What’s more, this means that your billable call time is readily identified. You can also revisit notes and easily identify when you last spoke to your client before your next call. Neato! If you are using Clio, you can go back to assign client calls with particular matters if you didn’t get a chance to before. Whoa – who knew call history could do all that?!


We recognize your calls and automatically link them to your contact list and call history. Add new contacts, easily identify clients and team members – now that’s some rolodex good times.


With our in app dialer, you can click-to-call any contact from your ‘contacts’ (link) list while in the Corvum portal. Or choose the ‘dialer’ to type in any number you wish. Corvum rings your phone, when you pick up – Corvum is already calling your contact. You really don’t have to dial phone numbers manually on your desk phone anymore, and the time it will save you can really add up! Gotta love that phone magic.


When you are logged into our web app, you can take notes during calls in real time. No need to find your pen that rolled off the desk, nor click on anything to find a virtual notepad. When starts an input box opens automatically. We track the time, you take the notes. That’s it. Revisit them in call history (link). Neat and tidy phone goodness.

Mobile App (Click-to-Call)

With the mobile version of our click-to-call dialer (link), call local team extensions (link) and clients by name or number from your mobile phone and keep your personal number private (link). Choose the contact you wish to call from within the app. The dialer will call your client or the local extension for you. When your mobile phone rings – just pick it up and you will already be ringing the person you wish to speak to. You don’t have to dial phone numbers manually or give out your personal contact information. Gotta love that phone magic.

Single Sign On (Google / Microsoft)

We’ve made it so you can log into the Corvum portal with your business email, Google or Microsoft account. There is no need to create yet another user login. We all have too many passwords to keep track of. Single login alleviates the irritation of having to add another one! Phew!

SMS (Texting)

Send and receive SMS text messages via your Corvum number in the our web portal link). Search by ‘contact’ or ‘number’. The most recent messages which will always be shown at the top. Keep all your client communications in one place for accessibility and security’s sake.

Time Tracking .

With time tracking all inbound and outbound calls are automatically timed and logged in your call history. No need to start a timer every time you talk to a client to keep track of billable call time. All call durations, dates and times are logged and searchable by Contact. We track your clients calls so you don’t have to! If you are a Clio user you are in for a treat!

Visual Voicemail

With visual voicemail you can locate specific messages and listen to them right away. You no longer have to sift through messages one by one over the phone to get to the one you need. It also makes it easy to identify potential new leads and priority callers so you can get back in a timely manner. Save time by deleting multiple old messages with our bulk-delete function.

Voicemail Bulk-Delete

With bulk-delete, you can quickly identify messages you no longer need and get your mailbox neat and tidy in a matter of clicks. Spend your time wisely. Don’t waste it deleting old voicemails manually over the phone! Less time doing menial tasks, more time lawyer-ing. Let’s get you home in time for dinner.

Clio – Billable Time

You can easily identify billable call time without having to scan through your phone bill, because we track all of your client calls and post the durations in your logs. Associate client calls with matters, and seamlessly add that billable time to your invoices. No need to start the timer or write anything down. Your call time is already logged in Clio!

Clio – Communications (Call Logs)

We post all client calls to your phone logs in Clio. Everything is synced, organized, and retrievable later.

Clio – Click-to-Call

With our Click-to-Call dialer you can auto dial clients directly from your contacts page in Clio Manage. Corvum rings your phone (cell phone or direct line) and when you answer Corvum is already calling your client for you. Talk about convenience.

Clio – Contacts

We recognize your calls and automatically link them to your contact list and communication logsin Clio. Super organized with zero effort on your part. Need to know when you last spoke to your client before making that call? We’ve got you covered.

Clio – Matters

Associate client calls and corresponding billable time with the matters they pertain to, in Clio. While you’re talking to your clients, we’re making sure it’s as easy as possible for you to invoice for that billable call time.

Clio – Notes

Take notes while you’re on the phone and conveniently associate them with matters in Clio. (Basically, never forget what that call was about again.)

Clio – Time Tracking

We keep track of your client calls, so you don’t have to. There’s no need to start a timer; if you’re on the phone, we’re timing it. Associate client calls with specific matters, and all that billable time can be seamlessly added to your invoice. So easy!